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Clondalkin Patricks day Parade 2018

Posted by Francis on January 6, 2018
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Cllr Timmons – Founder and chair of the Parade committee says ‘’The committee took the experience and feedback from 2015, and building on the foundations we had laid, organised a massively successful parade through Clondalkin village in 2016 and again in 2017 , Over 700 people participated and over 8000 people attended.  The parade was a huge success and it is due to the hard work and struggle of the current organising committee. The Clondalkin Patricks day Parade will return for another year in Clondalkin Village , the parade is growing from Strength to Strength every year and this year we hope more people will take part in what has become a big part of the annual calendar In Clondalkin .’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’This year Mary Dardis has been chosen by the community to be the grand marshal , we hope to have more colour and celebrate all that is great about Clondalkin , events like this are an opportunity to showcase the best of our area , as well as the hugely popular Clondalkin Youth Band we also have Clondalkin Pipe Band this year , returning will be the very popular Harleys , Vintage cars and Emerald Garrisons that where hugely popular last year , there will be something for everyone’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’Alongside Clondalkin Tidy Towns and our new Heritage centre and the many local groups and people that make Clondalkin one of the best places to Live , work and visit , events like this show what an extraordinary community we have here in Clonalkin’’

Register to take part @ http://www.clondalkinstpatricksfestival.ie/participate/

Cllr Timmons says ‘’I would appeal for people to help on the day we are in need of volunteers and once again everyone is welcome , there is a lot of setting up on the day with barriers and other organising issues so we do need volunteers’’

Register to volunteer @ http://www.clondalkinstpatricksfestival.ie/volunteer/

For sponsorship offers and any other information about the event please contact Cllr Francis Timmons @ 087 286 9315 or the committee at http://www.clondalkinstpatricksfestival.ie/contact/


Parade 2016

Posted by Francis on March 21, 2016
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2016 Parade report

This years Clondalkin St Patrick’s Day Parade took place for the first time in 17 Years in Clondalkin Village. Cllr Timmons (Ind) said ‘’a small dedicated committee worked tirelessly to bring this event back into Clondalkin village. The community spirit and excitement was evident throughout the parade. This was Clondalkin at its best and the feedback has been extremely positive. This event showcased many local groups and businesses. Next year for 2017 it will continue to grow”.


Committee met periodically during 2015 and then from January weekly, uo to and including the week of parade.

A brochure Website was launched in September by Mayor Holland – Website @ http://www.clondalkinstpatricksfestival.ie/.  This website provided information about the parade arrangements, details of the parade route and provided online forms to allow members of the public to volunteer and to register their groups.  This latter facility was very important as it helped ensure that all the relevant contact information was recorded

A meeting was arranged with Clondalkin Guards to discuss safety concerns and road closures

Two meetings were held in the Towers GAA club in advance of parade to provide information and steward training for both volunteers and parade participants.

Information was also shared via Facebook page (3,510 Likes) (https://www.facebook.com/ClondalkinStPatricksDayParade/) and Parade Website (http://www.clondalkinstpatricksfestival.ie/details/)  The Clondalkin Echo and Clondalkin Gazette ran regular updates stories on the Parade.

Over 100 posters where distributed around local clubs, library, fast food restaurants,  public houses and shops etc

Email were sent to schools and clubs re Parade.

Colette Gallagher  Placement officer – Clondalkin South Dublin County Volunteer Centre provided 7 Volunteers for the day.

We had over 40 volunteers from the local community on the day as stewards. we also had 10 people dressed up as characters giving out lolly’s to kids.

Parade Route:

Parade route was agreed with SDCC – Started Old Nangor Road, down orchard road, up Main Street down Tower road and ended back up old Nangor road where groups could then disperse

SDCC posted required notices of road closures in local papers

Parade overview:

Clondalkin native and RTE presenter Mary Kennedy was grand marshal for Parade 2016.

32 Groups took part and this included over 700 Adults and Children. Based on Garda estimates the parade was watched by between 8,000 to 10,000 people approximately.  There were no incidents of anti-social behaviour or any medical emergencies. Clondalkin An Garda Siochana, the Order of Malta and the Irish Red Cross (With ambulance) were in situ to assist as needed. Cllr Timmons represented Mayor Holland.

Musical entertainment was provided from 2:30 by Finbarr Coady who compeered the event. A local girl Aoife Mc Cormack aged 12 played the violin before and after the event. Mr Darren Corrigan read the Proclamation before the parade started.

The parade consisted of:
1. Harley Davison’s
2. Massey Bros’ antique car with Grand Marshal – Mary Kennedy
3. The Clondalkin Youth Band
4. Clondalkin Active retirement bright side of life choir with the Silver Surfers choir
5. Tus Nua Ambassadors
6. James Hempsey (Jamesey)
7. The Scouts
8. Fonthill Lodge Childcare
9. Clondalkin Shotokan Academy
10. Boom Variety Stage School.
11. Scoil rince nic Liam
12. Boot Road Celtic
13. Clondalkin Fairtrade Town
14. Karen & Wojtek School of dance
15. iVosta-Friends for Ireland
16. LD Dance school
17. Round Towers GAA under  under 8, under 9,  under 10  football and hurling
18.  Afro.imagic
19. Anne D’arby (Signs&Logos)
20. Epic Performing Arts
21. The Civil Defence
22. The Brownies
23. Jigzaw Clondalkin
24. Mickey and Minnie Mouse
25. Funky Steps Dance School
26.  Greyhound
27. Clondalkin Traveller’s  Group
28.  Elite Karate Academy
29. 1916 Cumann na mBan Woman
30. Balgaddy Working together
31. Callum Transport
32. Clondalkin Local Travellers Group


Judges: Mary Kennedy, Mary Dardis, Cllr Timmons
(4 x €200 allocated for 4 Prizes)
– Scoil Rinse Nic Liam
– Balgaddy Working Together
– The Brownies
– Cumann na Mban

Village Cleanup:

Clondalkin Tidy Towns performed a clean up before and after the parade with refuse sacks and litter pickers.

Greyhound provided bins for the event that where spread across the village. They also performed a road clean after parade.



Brian Mc Elroy – Funeral Director sponsored €800 specifically for prizes and 4 x €200 was allocated for 4 Prizes.

K & G Funfair ran a very popular funfair in Tuthils car park

Massey Brothers sponsored a beautiful old car to bring our grand marshal around the route.

Tuthills allowed closure and use of the tower road carpark free of charge for the Viewing stand and funfair

Patricks day Parade – Back on Track

Posted by Francis on January 6, 2016
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The 2016 Clondalkin Patricks day parade has the potential to be a great family day out, after a small parade in Corkagh park we are very hopeful of a village parade this year. Cllr Timmons said that after a lot of meetings the parade will now go back to clondalkin village after a long absence but obviously for this to happen we need help. Cllr Timmons (Ind) said ‘’  we need to get moving if a Parade is going to Happen In Clondalkin in 2016 – we need Volunteers for many different roles , we need groups , clubs and organizations to take part , we need music , we need people to dress up , we need sponsors , we need help if parade1916 is going to happen in Clondalkin. Please think about what part you can play and let us know asap. We also need volunteers to dress as various characters to make the parade colorful and a great family day out.’’ Contact Cllr Francis Timmons @  https://www.facebook.com/ClondalkinStPatricksDayParade or Phone 0872869315 , This has the potential to develop into an important annual Clondalkin family event. The parade website is at http://clondalkinstpatricksfestival.ie/ where you can register under different headings.

So far we have The Brownies , the Round Towers GAA , Funky Steps Dance School , LD Dance school , Karen & Wojtek School of dance , Clondalkin Drama Group , Boom Variety Stage School , Clondalkin Shotokan Academy , Scoil Rince NicLiam confirmed as part of the Parade remember this year we can have floats in the Village! so come on who’s next ? register @ http://clondalkinstpatricksfestival.ie/participate/


Report on Clondalkin St Patrick’s Day Parade 2015

The Clondalkin St Patrick’s day parade was re-started by Cllr Francis Timmons after a number of years. He got a group of local people together to work on the day.  The timeframe for organising the day for 2015 was only 6 weeks due to a delay in securing the grant. This time limit had a big effect on what could be achieved this year. The committee met with Clondalkin Festival , Áras Chrónáin and some other local groups and hopefully they can get on board for 2016. Unfortunately some groups cancelled beforehand and some did not show up on the day which was disappointing but the ones that took place where very enthusiastic and enjoyed taking part. Others were committed well in advance.

Those taking part for 2015 where 1) Clondalkin Brownies 2) Clondalkin Shotakan Academy 3) Talented Kids and MVW Talent Agency 4) Clondalkin Helping Homeless 5) Round Towers 6) Ciaran Carr Foundation 7) The Beacon Of Light 8) Scoil Rince Nic Liam dance school  9) Clondalkin Fairtrade 10) Professor Sneedypopers 11) Scoil Aine 12) Epic Performing school 13) Funky Steps 14) Ashwood Boys FC 15) Clondalkin active retirement group 16) Clondalkin Active retirement group music group 17) Clondalkin Mens Shed 18) LD Dance School

There was a large number of Volunteers (Local people and local group Clondalkin Localise) that helped out on the day, First Aid provision (Clondalkin Order of Malta) was more than adequate for the day. There was live music (all provided by local talent free), free soft drinks and treats and free face painting.  There was a conscious decision made by the committee to keep any costs down for struggling families.

The Facebook page has 2,800 followers @ https://www.facebook.com/ClondalkinStPatricksDayParade

There were mixed reviews of the Day but you couldn’t argue with the attendance which was estimated to be in the order of five thousand, which proved the need and potential of the event. The Facebook page and committee got a lot of feedback and this has been noted by organisers.

The celebration was supported by the Community Department with a grant of €4043.00.

The committee have met and reviewed many aspects of the day and made plans of action for 2016. At this meeting it was agreed we would meet a SDCC rep and local Guards.

Cllr Timmons met with Donal Walsh, Sergeant Lydon and Mrs Joan Rafferty (Committee member) to look at the event on 22nd April. Some of the issue raised that has been discussed at a committee meeting where:

  • There were problems with the route with paths not wide enough and difficulty moving people off them to allow the participants to march. Cllr Timmons said next year we will be using the Cycle Track , it was also suggested that set down entertainers and a more of a festival event could work well.
  • Only two ice cream vans and one that ran out of stock very quickly, need more vans with tea and Coffee. SDCC would not allow us bring in any. Any in park must be licenced by SDCC.
  • How and where things were located (stand/stage, start of parade, not allowed on grass by SDCC). Also location of free things needs to be looked at.
  • Parking the need to open the overflow car park at the entrance to Corkagh (john’s rd.)
  • The Gardai reported that the only difficulty that they experienced was related to traffic but that it was dealt with easily enough, there was no public order incidents at all on the day and that the four Gardai allocated to the event were pleased with how it went.
  • Funding would have to be sourced from local business or through fundraising events.  Donal said that budgets are decided on an annual basis so it was not possible to guarantee an amount of support for next year. He also suggested that a budget of at least €10k would be required to ensure the event was worthwhile.
  • The Gardai said that the event in the Park was very manageable but that there was a lot of demands on the Gardai on that day with people needed in town and other areas so that would need to be borne in mind.

The committee will continue to meet and work on next year’s parade, A website (www.ClondalkinStPatricksFestival.ie – Not Live yet) for volunteers to sign up, ideas , information and participants to register will be launched in September and plans for March 17th 2016 be launched as well. The website will also have a submit suggestions section. The theme for next year will be ‘1916’ A lot of the ground work for 2016 has been laid and the committee have decided to engage with several groups and organisation and local reps to get ideas to improve the day. The Health and Safety work is laid down. Clondalkin active retirement group has pledged to support and help develop the day and a representative has joined the committee. Also Clondalkin Tidy Towns have committed to supporting the day and a representative has joined the committee.

Website for Clondalkin St Patricks Day 2016

Posted by Francis on March 20, 2015
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Good News we will be launching a website soon that 1) people will be able to volunteer on , 2) groups , organisations and businesses will be able to sign up to take part on 3) People can give suggestions on how to make it better on , 4) regular updates on progress and plans for 2016. Also The committee will meet soon and review all the positive feedback and suggestions and come up with a plan for 2016 to make it bigger and better.

‘’I want to thank all the volunteers that arrived on the day and the committee that gave up there time to do facepainting , to give out lollies , crisps and drinks , to do first aid (Order of Malta) to supervise the route (Clondalkin Localise) to man the stage area and to ensure everyone was safe. Also the 15 Groups that took part , hopefully many more will be on board next year. Also Mayor Fintan Warfield for opening the Clondalkin St Patricks Day Parade We will build it bigger and better going forward. some great suggestions and feedback since the Parade has been noted. The amazing crowd made it a huge task to keep it rolling smoothly and obviously there was some issues that we will address. We are glad that the Parade is back and will work on making it the best. It was Good start considering we had 6 weeks to pull it off , well done to all the groups that took part. Live music , Facepainting and free treats for the kids and no accidents was an achievement – Garda estimate 3,000 but some say 6,000 to 10,000 huge crowd either way. we will build on it. There is a lot of work to be done to make it bigger and better. ‘’

Information on Parade was issued beforehand

  1. Anyone taking part in parade should gather in football field inside the main gate of Corkagh Park between 130-2 tomorrow (St Johns entrance). Anyone not in a group can march at end of parade with an adult. 2. Parade will start at 2.30-430 depending on amount of entries. 3. Music will be from 130 to 5 in main car park at St Johns…. 4. Volunteer Face painters will be on hand to add some Irish culture for the Kids. 5. Parking will be limited as Viewing/Music area is at Main car park (St Johns) People are advised to leave there car at home and walk to park where possible – Guards will supervise park. 6. People can view parade along route but must leave paths free for those marching. 7. We ask that everyone use Bins provided to keep the park clean 8. We ask that all children are well supervised by the adults accompanying them. 9. Any food stalls or Ice cream vans are not part of our parade but will be in the park

Clondalkin St Patricks day

Posted by Francis on February 23, 2015
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Cllr Francis Timmons Chairman of St Patricks day committee welcomes the interest shown to re-starting a Clondalkin Parade. The Parade will be in Corkagh park 230-430 on 17th March , we need groups and organisations to register their interest , we also need volunteers to help on the day, we will start of small this year and build on the parade over the coming years. There will be live music on the day and we should have some Ceoil Agus Craic. If anyone would like information or to register please email Clondalkinpatricksparade@gmail.com or ph-text  087 287 9315


St Patricks Day 2015 update

Posted by Francis on February 17, 2015
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Important message re Patricks Day Parade 17th 2.30-4.30 in Corkagh Park

1) we need a security officer for day – some to oversee safety
2) we need volunteers as stewards
3) we need spot prizes
4) we need a truck as a viewing stand
5) we need sponsor for signage
6) we need a PA system
7) we need someone to do PA on the day
8) any other help let us know

St Patricks Day 2015

Posted by Francis on February 14, 2015
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Parade will be 2.30-4.30 on 17th in Corkagh Park , open to all organisations and local groups contact me if you want to take part.

Clondalkin St Patrick’s day

Posted by Francis on September 17, 2014
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The Clondalkin St Patrick’s day committee are working on plans for 2015 we need any interested group to email there interest to clondalkinpatricksparade@gmail.com before Friday 24th October – Please state 1) name of Group 2) type of group 3) Numbers in group and volunteer numbers and 4) contact details. At this stage this is just to see how many groups/people are interested in taking part. Also email if you can volunteer.

Any questions / comments etc. please contact Cllr Francis Timmons @ 087 2869315 or email ftimmons@cllrs.sdublincoco.ie