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Geoff & Emma keegan
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Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 17/09/2014 in relation to Corkagh Fishery Facility.
The development of Corkagh Fishery arose out of the development of a flood attenuation scheme on the
River Camac following significant flooding in Clondalkin Village in the late 1990’s / early 2000’s.
Following construction of the flood attenuation ponds, an opportunity to develop a put and take fishing
facility as an amenity concession in Corkagh Park was developed and opened in 2004.

The fishery is a popular destination for local residents and park visitors alike with many people using the
coffee shop during the summer months. Upgrade works were carried out to the fishing shop, outdoor
terrace, and fishing platforms earlier this year. Works were also carried towards the end of 2013 to
improve disabled access on the path between the lakes and to the fishing platforms.

BK Golf management Ltd has been managing the Fishery since April 2013 in line with the Camac Valley
Licence Agreement at the requirement of South Dublin County Council pending the outcome of a tender
process specific to the Fishery operation. A management concession for the facility was tendered in
November 2013 but the process was unsuccessful as no tenders were received.

The business is seasonal and the Council is mindful of the economic costs of staffing the facility. As a
result, the Council is undertaking a full audit and review of the facility to determine the best way to

The Council is currently examining several tender options in this regard, including;- inviting tenders for
the management of the facility on the basis of an Annual Franchise Fee where the Council would still be
involved in the maintenance of the building, lakes and surrounds,
or inviting tenders for the full management, operation and maintenance of the facility on the basis of an
Annual Franchise Fee or that the Council operate the facility directly with no private operator involved.
A decision on the best way forward in respect of the fishery will be made when the full audit of the facility
has been completed and full cost / benefit analysis of the various options has been concluded.


Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 01/10/2014 in relation to the Shop Front Grant Scheme.
As you will be aware in its 2014 budget South Dublin County Council approved the establishment of its
shop-front grant. Launched in April, the €100,000 fund aimed at improving the appearance of
independently owned shops fronting public streets in our Villages and making the streetscape more
attractive to shoppers and visitors alike.

To simplify the application process a menu was created with options ranging from measures as simple
as painting your shopfront up to replacement of an entire shopfront. An online form was also hosted on
the Councils website. The financial supports ranged from €750 to €4,000. The funding to applicants
approved under the scheme was 50% of claims subject to the maximum amount approved for the

The Council also established an evaluation team to provide consultations and advice to applicants,
including visits to their premises and to adjudicate upon applications. A Shopfront Design Guide was
also created to assist people in choosing their desired improvements.

To promote the scheme some 200 leaflets were delivered directly to potentially qualifying businesses as
well as promotion of the initiative through local media, the Chamber of Commerce and online including
facebook and twitter. 16 applications have been received to date under the scheme and are at various
stages in the process.

Details as follows;

3 grants have been approved for a total of €4330 with works either completed or in progress.
2 applications are being modified as they did not fully comply with the schemes terms in a minor way.
The remaining applications are either not proceeding this year but will re-apply in 2015 or did not comply
with the scheme as they are not located on a public street.
Following the closing date some further interested parties came forward and based on this and the
applicants considering re-applying in 2015 it is hoped to run the scheme again.


Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 22/09/2014 in relation to Horses.

In this regard I wish to advise that the Contractor engaged by South Dublin County Council for the
provision and operation of the horse seizure service and horse pound facility, has seized a total of 351
horses during the period 1st January 2014 to 31st August 2014, of which, 22 were reclaimed, 10 were
rehomed and 319 were disposed of. The total cost of the horse seizure service and horse pound facility
for the same period for the County amounted to €204,428.95.


Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 17/08/2014 in relation to Homeless List.
Set out below is a profile of Homeless Register by family type:
No. Registered Homeless188173174189187185188
Single Male1079799107110111113
Single Female20222422232323
The age profiles of each applicant is not available .


Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 29/07/2014 in relation to proposed housing construction in the
Clondalkin area for the period 2014 – 2015.

In this regard I wish to advise that Part 8 approval under the Local Government (Planning and
Development) Regulations 2001 – 2012 has been obtained in respect of 11 social housing units at St.
Marks Green and a further 18 units at Mayfield Park, Clondalkin.

Pre-tender funding approval is currently awaited from the Department of Environment Community and
Local Government in respect of both proposals. Subject to funding approval, both projects will proceed
to tender in accordance with guidelines set down under the Capital Works Management Framework
issued by the Department of Finance. A contractor will be appointed to oversee the construction
programmes following on the tender process.

The social units, on completion will be allocated in accordance with the Council’s Scheme of Letting


Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 29/07/2014 in relation to boarded houses and tranfers in the
Clondalkin Area.

There are currently 15 council houses vacant in the Clondalkin Area, 5 of which are boarded up and 7
vacant private houses, 4 of which are boarded up.

The total number of people on the transfer list downsizing from 2,3 and 4 bedroomed accommodation is
105 for North of Naas Road, which includes Clondalkin and total countywide on transfer list is 800.
Any tenant can apply for a transfer by completing a transfer application specifying the reason for the
transfer and enclosing the requested documentation and forwarding same to either Customer Care or
Housing Allocations. This application can be obtained from either Customer Care or Housing

If you have any further queries in relation to transfers, please contact Housing Allocations at 4149000.