"We need a representative who is passionate about change. You're that person!"
Sabrina Ferris
"I've worked closely with Cllr Francis Timmons many times, and he always comes from a strong social justice perspective. He's extremely hard working, passionate, and I wish him all the very best on May 24th. We need strong Independent voices like Francis in our Councils and local authorities.""
Senator Frances Black - Independent
"I am glad that a person of such integrity is going forward for public office."
Jim Jackman (Former President of the National Parents Council PP)
"He has inspired many people first hand and nothing ever seems to stop him promoting fairness and equality!"
Shonach Hanaphy
"It is a breath of fresh air to have a man such as yourself represent the forgotten public. With your years of first hand experiences, kindness and your courage to ask the right questions to the right people."
Margaret Kerslake
"Think you are a great independent voice for the people in Clondalkin."
Ann Reynolds
"Francis is very proactive within our community, will always follow up on your quires and mainstains clear communications at all times''
Jakki Byrne - Cherrywood
"if you need a voice on SDCC vote for Francis Timmons #1''
Mike Lowry - Newcastle
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I have lodged my objection to the proposal as it is for a proposed nursing home facility at the church and convent  in Clondalkin village. The proposal in no way keeps with the Heritage and conservation of Clondalkin – We have lost enough through bad planning – This must not go ahead as proposed! I will be watching this proposal very closely.

Re Planning Application SD18A/0328

My Objection in relation to Planning Application SD18A/0328

  1. The scale of the front section of the proposed Nursing home will alter forever the look of the Church and Convent that has been a part of Clondalkin for generations , I am concerned that it will block out the  view of the convent.
  2. The Limestone wall at front of proposed development and the removal of same will alter the appearance of Clondalkin Village
  3. Brick and other materials are not with in keeping with current Church and Convent.
  4. Traffic is of huge concern the front is one of the main entrances into Clondalkin Village and is a very busy road with schools and local houses as well as entrance to village. This will add to current Transportation issues and Traffic Congestion.
  5. The current wildlife of Swifts and Bats would be effected by this proposed build. Also some Trees would have to be removed.
  6. Clondalkin is an area of Architectural Conversation and this site hosts two of our local history trails.
  7. I would suggest that the Current development is not allowed in this form and is redone to take all above concerns on board.

Cllr Timmons says ‘’I attended a packed meeting in City west to discuss safety in the Rathcoole area that covers Newcastle and Saggart and it was apparent to me that there is a greater need to see visible Garda presence on the ground I am asking all concerned resident to please sign a petition I have started to increase Garda Manpower at Rathcoole Garda Station , The petition will be sent to the District Garda Superintendent and the Minister for Justice, The areas of Rathcoole  Newcastle and Saggart have seen huge increases in population over the last few years and people need and want to feel safe in their homes and communities , I also want to acknowledge the work the Guards do in our communities but I strongly feel they are under resourced in Manpower to fight the growing crime and in particular drug related crimes in our communities’’

Cllr Timmons says “Rathcoole and Newcastle are two of the biggest growing areas in the whole of South Dublin. There’s new houses, new businesses and developments but with that comes additional crime and additional anti-social behaviour. What they (the residents) want is Garda on the beat. They want a situation that when you ring a guard, a guard will arrive.”

Cllr Timmons says ‘’At the meeting residents were urged to ring 999 to report crimes and to report all crime so the correct stats would be available when looking for additional resources’’

The petition is at  @ http://chng.it/YL77fKkCyt

Cllr Timmons says ‘’I have made my submission to the application SD19A/0102 that looks to Upgrade and change of use from National School to Pre-School (daytime) and Children’s Therapy (evening sessions) and Youth Services (weekends); front signage; internal alterations and all associated ancillary site works. The proposed development consists of work to a Protected Structure located within an Architectural Conservation Area.’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’The Scouts where using this building to facilitate a much need youth service for the community , Unfortunately despite my efforts as an elected local Councillor I got no response back from the church , the Laurence O Toole trust and it is most regrettable the manner the whole situation has been dealt with and divided a community. I set up a change.org Petition called ‘’Save the Den for 3K1C-Newcastle Scout Group in Newcastle’’ and over 2,864 people signed this @ https://www.change.org/p/newcastle-church-and-save-the-den-for-3k1c-newcastle-scout-group-in-newcastle-0f8f3289-2c89-4ed7-882c-d82cc0dae57c . I again ask that the Church and SDCC sit down and come up with a solution that caters for the scouts needs in tandem with other interested groups. ‘’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’Newcastle is one of the fastest growing areas in SDCC and it is my belief that the old school building should be used for community and that the scouts should be facilitated in it. If a compromise could be reached where scouts could use it at night time and weekends , this could be worth considering.’’

Closing date for submission is 29th April @ http://www.sdublincoco.ie/Planning/Details?p=1&regref=SD19A%2F0102


The housing planned for the Eircom site is on hold until after the local elections in May , final drawing plans are being drawn up and will go out to Part 8 after government approval and funding is given to ensure the houses can be built. Please email me @ info@francistimmons.com


Eircom Site – SDCC estimate that this development will be over €20m to construct given the proposed number of 92 homes.  As it is expected to be over the €20m a cost effectiveness report is required by the Department of Housing before funding approval will be issued for the project.  This is being carried out and a draft report should be available next week.  If SDCC are satisfied with the report, it will be issued to the Department of Housing for funding approval and the Part 8 process can then commence.

Riversdale – The Architects are working up the details on this scheme and hope to go to tender by the end of June with a view to being on site toward the end of this year.  


Cllr Timmons said at his local election campaign Launch that he was very honoured to be elected on his first attempt in 2014 as an independent councillor and that it has been a huge honour to serve the people of the Clondalkin LEA and has been a very busy 5 years , The launch took place in Bru Cronan.

Timmons says ‘’Unfortunately clondalkin has been divided by the electoral commission and the new Clondalkin Lea does not include North Clondalkin,  Balgaddy and Milford-Palmerstown Woods , these areas are very close to my heart and if re-elected I will represent them when possible. I would ask that those living in those areas vote for Guss O Connell I have been very lucky to Have worked closely with Cllrs O Connell , Gogarthy and O Toole as part of a community alliance made up of four dedicated independents ‘’

He went on to say ‘’The Clondalkin area has in the past suffered from Bad planning, corruption and nod and a wink style politics We have had enough of that we need Honesty, Integrity and community going forward we need to elect people that will work hard for our community. All politics is local. ‘’

On May 24th I am asking you to vote Number one for Timmons If I am re-elected I commit to the following

Housing – we have 37 families tonight in the Maldron hotel , rebuilding Ireland has failed and is failing the most vulnerable I commit to continues to vote for Part 8s that deliver sustainable communities I will continue to campaign for housing I have an unbroken record in voting for every housing scheme that has come before sdcc

Anti-social behaviour – I will continue to work with the Guards and SDCC to find solution’s to deal with Anti-social behaviour Over the last five years two of my motions led to the setting up of a Dublin wide Horse working forum to deal with horse issues and a scrambler and quad Working forum both of these I sit on and they have made progress particularly in the area of education

Mental Health – we face many challenges as a society in relation to mental health but I am very committed to this area , from remembrance nights to Safetalk to trees of hope I have worked hard in this area and will continue to campaign for positive mental health for all.

Disability – I have been a dedicated campaigner for disability rights for the last 30 years , we have come a long way be ratifying the UN convention on the rights of people with a disability but we have a lot of work to do in ensuring that they have access to education and work. Every person is entitled to a decent quality of life and the supports to be in place so they can achieve there best

Community – my record on community speaks for itself 5 Patrick’s day parades and 5 horticultural shows I am asking for you to vote for me to ensure there is a strong community based voice on the next council.

Climate change – many of my motions have focussed on environmental issues and I commit to continuing this work my motion on Keep Cups led to SDCC being the first council to role this out as policy The next 10 years will be vital in reducing the effects of Climate Change.

Webcasting despite several attempts my motions on webcasting of council meeting at SDCC has been voted down we are now the only council not to live stream our council meeting in the interest of accountability and transparency I will continues to demand webcasting of meetings.

Infrastructure – I voted for the Clonburris SDZ not because I believed it was the best plan but because it can deliver 8,400 homes, I and my independent colleagues appealed it to An Bord Penala and we await their decision, it will be vital that there is a strong voice on the next council to ensure that infrastructure is delivered in tandem with the housing.

I have campaigned through motions for many issues including the introduction of Cocos law to stop on line bullying and for the government to make Spinraza available for People living with SMA.

I am also involved and have motions down on a Truth and Justice Campaign for Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries, The mother and baby institutions, the county institutions and the Industrial schools, I also seek truth for those used in the Vaccine trials For Irish society to move forward we need to have truth and justice for all those that suffered at the hands of the state and church.

To get elected I will need your vote I am asking for you to share my leaflet and spread the word for me I thank you for coming tonight and I hope to serve the Clondalkin LEA for five more years

On the 26th April I am having a fundraiser Quiz in Gunpowder to raise funds for the campaign I am very grateful to those who donated through my go fund me page and those that gave me donations Campaigns are costly and I rely on any support I can get Any one that can take some leaflets or help in any way please let me know.

On May 24th I am asking you to vote Number one for Timmons If I am re-elected I commit to Honesty, Integrity and community,

Cllr Timmons (Clondalkin Independent) says ‘’ I was very honoured to stand with the families calling on the Minister and the HSE to allow access to Spinraza for those living with SMA , Sam from Rathcoole and Glen from Clondalkin deserve better , while the government , the HSE and the Pharmaceutical companies drag their heels , we have people’s health deteriorating , this is a life changing drug I have had several motions on this agreed by council , This drug has been used since 2016 , about 1 in 11,000 are born with SMA , these families deserve the best treatment available and more importantly the people living with SMA deserve the best available medication ‘’

Community centres provide vital community services and are stretched to the limit by funding. Community centres are the hubs of our community, they provide youth services with Crosscare, Senior citizens groups etc. They are much needed community services and need to be funded fully to ensure that they can continue to provide the services and expand on current services

Pobal funded staff earn €10 per hour , With the rising costs of rents and living expenses , it is getting increasingly difficult to retain and recruit suitable staff , Staff in our community centres open and close our centres , they are key holders and they facilitate groups along with many other roles.

Customer assistants in Lidls get €12- per hour and Aldis pay €11.90 per hour  The living wage in Ireland for 2018 was €11.90. I ask the minister to ask that Pobal CSP Funding is looked and the rates paid and to also look how community centres are funded and staffed



Monday, March 11, 2019


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

That this council commends the work and value of community centres within our county and throughout the communities they serve, we commit to writing to the minister to ask that Pobal Funding is looked and the rates paid and to also look how community centres are funded and staffed. Also that’s the wages reflect the invaluable community work in delivering groups and other responsibilities and in particular working with vulnerable people.  And that SDCC continue to look at all ways to support this invaluable work and look at expanding community centres as hubs of our community.


South Dublin County is well served by a large network of community facilities covering the vast majority of the main neighbourhoods in the County with provision in the Council’s Three-Year Capital Programme 2019-2021 to fund additional facilities where appropriate in the coming years.  The majority of the existing community facilities in the County are built on Council owned land and are usually managed by independent local voluntary management committees (legal companies in their own right, independent of the Council and established as Companies Limited by Guarantee) under management licences provided by the Council.

A number of years ago the then Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs announced a Community Services Programme (CSP), administered by Pobal, which provided the opportunity for community centre management companies to apply for funding to assist with the costs of employing a number of staff – this funding was quite limited and only a small number of community centres could be supported.  A competition was held in the County, facilitated by the Tallaght and Clondalkin Partnerships with some six community centres successfully acquiring funding. The funding allocated under CSP provided crucial support to those community centres in the subsequent years but there have only been extremely minimal opportunities for further funding for additional centres under the scheme since then, generally arising when other centres or projects exited the scheme.

The setting of staff salaries and wages in local community centres are a matter for the relevant management companies employing those staff working in the community facilities with local community officers on hand to provide advice – companies are always strongly advised to ensure that appropriate payscales and salaries are adopted to reflect the duties and roles of the staff in the centres.

The Council’s Community Services Department is constantly available to advise, assist and support the management committees of all centres in the County as well as recognising the commendable efforts and volunteerism in managing community centres to support delivery of a wide range of community

Cllr Timmons says ”I am calling on every person who is over the age of 18 to exercise their democratic right to vote and ensure they are registered to vote and if they are not to attend Voter registration Night I have arranged in Knockmitten and Bawnogue community center”

I have arranged a ‘’Voter registration Night’’

11th April 515 to 615 in  Bawnogue Community Center & 630 to 730 in Knockmitten Community Center

Bring Id and Proof of address

The type of election you can vote in depends on your citizenship. The following people are eligible to vote:

– Irish citizens can vote in every election and referendum

– British citizens may vote at Dáil, European and local elections

– Other EU citizens may vote at European and local elections*

– Non-EU citizens can vote at local elections only.

For further information please contact Cllr Francis Timmons @ info@francistimmons.com

I would like to congratulate the incredible performances from Team Ireland at #SpecialOlympicsWorldGames2019 who not only secured an impressive 86 medals: 30 Gold, 29 Silver and 27 Bronze, but also secured many placement ribbons and personal bests over the weekend! 

Huge thanks to all that supported this years coffee morning in Bawnogue community center on  Daffodil day €300 was raised and has been given to the Irish Cancer Society

Dear Cllr Francis,
Thank you so much for supporting the Irish Cancer Society with your generous gift of €300 from the Coffee Morning held in Bawnogue Community Centre
Thanks to your generous support today, more cancer patients in Ireland will be able to get free, confidential support and advice from our Cancer Nurses, as well as practical support during their treatment like free lifts to chemotherapy treatments, free local counselling, and much more.
Your donation will also help to fund over 100 Irish cancer researchers working in labs across the country to stop cancer in its tracks.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Averil Power Chief Executive Officer