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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

community grants applications


Wednesday, June 22, 2016


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

Cathaoirleach’s Business

“That this committee asks that a report be brought monthly for the Clondalkin area on community grants applications and to include the list of groups and organisations that have applied and are awarded grants from the Community Department.”


A number of years ago recommendations for the award of community grants were brought on an almost monthly basis to each Area Committee Meeting. As Members will be aware following the introduction of a number of new initiatives with the consequent increase in work load, it was agreed that the Social and Community Strategic Policy Committee would undertake a review of those arrangements and make recommendations which would streamline the workload and bring about a more sustainable approach to the processing of community grant applications.

Following the February 2015 meeting of the SPC, a report was considered by the Council at their March 2015 meeting  (link: http://membersnet.sdublincoco.ie/Meetings/ViewDocument/46368 ) in relation to proposed changes to the administration of the community grants scheme. Following considertation the Council requested that the matter be further examined by the SPC.

The matter was further considered by the SPC at their May 2015 meeting and revised recommendations proposing that the Community Grants Scheme will be opened for applications twice yearly (March and September suggested) were made. These recommendations were again considered by the Council at their June 2015 meeting (link: http://membersnet.sdublincoco.ie/Meetings/ViewDocument/47593 ) and following discussion the recommendations of the SPC were approved by the Council.

These approved arrangements are fully in place in the current year and an extensive and detailed report is being presented for approval to the Council at their June 2016 meeting setting out the recommendations arising from the round of applications submitted following the recent public invitation to apply.

It is not open to this Committee to alter the arrangements approved by the Council following the lengthy and detailed considerations carried out by the SPC.