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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

food/takeaway & Planning


South Dublin County Council Crest


Monday, October 17, 2016


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

To ask the Chief Executive what criteria do SDCC go by to allow planning for takeaways – what ‘density’ do. they use? can as much detail be given as possible?



Planning applications are assessed in accordance with the requirements of Planning legislation and the policies and objectives of the County Development Plan having regard to the proper planning and sustainable development of the County.

The following policies were adopted by the Council and are included in the South Dublin County Development Plan 2016-2022:

Section 5.8.0 Fast Food Outlets/ Takeaways

RETAIL (R) Policy 10 Fast Food Outlets/Takeaways

It is the policy of the Council to manage the provision of fast food outlets and takeaways.

R10 Objective 1: To prevent an excessive concentration of fast food outlets/takeaways and ensure that the intensity of any proposed use is in keeping with both the scale of the relevant building and the pattern of development in the area.

R10 Objective 2: To restrict the opening of new fast food/takeaway outlets in close proximity to schools so as to protect the health and wellbeing of school-going children.

Section 11.3.6 Retail Development

(iii) Fast Food/Takeaway Outlets

Fast food outlets have the potential to cause disturbance, nuisance and detract from the amenities of an area and as such, proposals for new or extended outlets will be carefully considered. Development proposals for fast food/takeaway outlets will be strictly controlled and all such proposals are required to address the following: The potential effect and the proximity of fast food outlets or take away outlets to vulnerable uses, such as schools or parks. The cumulative effect of fast food outlets on the amenities of an area. The effect of the proposed development on the existing mix of land uses and activities in an area. Opening/operational hours of the facility The location of vents and other external services and their impact on adjoining amenities in terms of noise/smell/visual impact.

These policies and objectives are taken into consideration when assessing an application for fast food/takeaway outlets.

Each Planning application for a take-away is dealt with on case by case basis in accordance with the above planning policies.