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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

graffiti in the Clondalkin Motion


Wednesday, March 16, 2016


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

Cathaoirleach’s Business

“That a report be brought on the growing issues of graffiti in the Clondalkin area and how this problem is going to be dealt with? The committee agrees that this issue is taking away from our community and will work together to look at options to sort it.”


Graffiti is a major problem across South Dublin County.

It is a criminal offence to deface property and it is a requirement of Section 20 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997, as amended, for property owners to remedy any such defacement.

All reports of graffiti are investigated by the Litter Warden Service, who ascertain the extent and nature of the graffiti, and also verify the ownership of the defaced property.

If the area in question is in the ownership of one of the companies who have a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with the Council, a referral is made by the Litter Warden to the company involved.

Where graffiti is observed on Council/public property the location is referred to our Public Realm Section to arrange for removal. Regrettably there has been a delay in removing some graffiti due to the non-availability of required chemicals.

Where graffiti is observed on private property a letter is issued advising of the property owner’s responsibility.

In accordance with provisions of the Litter Management Plan, depending on the location, and if property faces onto a strategic public place, the Council will endeavour to have the defacement removed from private property in collaboration with the property owner.

The protocol for such removal from private property requires an indemnity from the property owner (or an agent of the property owner) to enter onto the property for the purpose of removal of the defacement. The property owner or an agent of the property owner will sign an indemnity and in all cases there will be a fee invloved.

No works will take place on private property in the absence of such indemnity and no chargeable work will be carried out until such charges are agreed by both parties.