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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice




Monday, May 09, 2016


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

To ask for a full report into why we only have Part 8 Plans for 5.7% of what needed to deal with a list of 9,254 requiring homes, this represent 470 planned Housing units.



Under the Social Housing Strategy 2015-2017, South Dublin County Council is required to deliver 1445 social housing units. The programme envisages both new-build housing and a flexible range of supports to the private rental sector and the social housing sector. Nationally the Programme aspires to the construction of 35,000 new houses to address social housing need. The targets were set under a combination of Capital and Current expenditure programmes. Under the Capital Programme 350 units will be delivered through various vehicles, including direct build, (part V111 programme), the Capital Assistance Scheme projects through AHB’s, the Accelerated House Purchase Programme, and Part V of the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015.  On the current expenditure programme SDCC is delivering units through the RAS, (Rental Accommodation Scheme) Leasing and HAP (Housing Assisted Payments) initiatives. New units are also being delivered through the Approved Housing Sector by way of funding support from CAS (Capital Assistance Scheme) and CALF (Capital Advance Leasing Facility) funding mechanisms.  The table below summaries activity under various delivery mechanisms 2015 and in the period January to March 2016.

 Delivery Mechanism Units Delivered to 31/12/2015 Units Delivered to 31/03/2016
Social Housing Infill   3
Leasing (Including Unsold, CALF, Payment & Availability) 193.00 7
Rental Accommodation Scheme 136.00 18
Housing Assistance Payment  548 145
Casual Vacancies (Re-lets on existing social housing units) (Note 2)  170 49
Acquisition Programme (Note 3) 24 7
Capital Assistance Scheme (Note 6)   15
Total  1,071 244
1. Social Housing Units completed for Traveller Accommodation
2. This relates to the units that are allocated to people on the housing list through casual vacancies.

3. A total of 7 properties have been acquired to the end of March 2016. We have committed to purchase at this stage a further 32 properties which are at varying stages of completion.  We will continue to progress the Social Housing Build and acquisition programme throughout 2016.