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Monday, September 26, 2016


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

To ask for a report in what SDCC plans to do to combat illegal dumping that is a huge issue throughout our beautiful county? What enforcement measures are being taken and being considered?


The Council appreciates and shares the concern expressed by the Elected Members and members of the public in relation to the illegal dumping and flytipping throughout the county.

A number of initiatives continue to be implemented through the Environment Water & Climate Change directorate.

The Council’s Litter Management Plan has committed to the deployment of innovative and emerging technology, including CCTV and Programmable Audio Messaging Devices to tackle the problem of illegal dumping and fly tipping and these devises have been installed at various locations across the county.  In managing this service, the Council is mindful of resources available, therefore requests for the installation of such technologies are assessed on a case by case basis, having regard to certain criteria, including site suitability and the repetitive nature of illegal dumping and fly tipping.

There is an increased and heightened visibility of the litter warden service and all vehicles are now identifiable at all times, except where covert surveillance is being arranged.   Areas which are prone to repeat incidents of illegal dumping/ flytipping have been identified across the county and will be patrolled on a regular basis.

All reports of illegal dumping and littering are investigated by the Council’s Litter Warden Service and all dumped material is searched for evidence. Where evidence is found, the appropriate enforcement action is taken under the Litter Pollution Act 1997, as amended. Increasingly, it is found that no personal information relating to polluters is contained within the dumped material, with personal information having been removed or shredded.

Waste Enforcement Officers continue surveillance operations on illegal collectors resulting in the confiscation of vehicles by An Garda Siochana and prosecutions in the District Court of the operators and the householders/businesses who transfer waste to unauthorised collectors.

Village cleansing programme is ongoing in all town and village centres on a daily basis Monday to Friday and also on Sundays.

Existing cleaning schedules are reviewed and modified regularly , planned and scheduled clean-ups of areas prone to repeated littering / dumping incidents is ongoing, and there is continuing liaison with community groups for Clean-Up collections.

Regard is taken of reports / survey findings eg IBAL and resources as available and appropriate are applied.

An ongoing proactive anti-litter and anti-illegal dumping programme continue to be carried out as per the EMWR waste management plan and the SDCC Litter Management Plan.

Some examples of the proactive initiatives that have been previously  promoted/carried out and will continue to be are, the “tackle litter” and the “man with the van” adverts. These adverts, run through a cinema have a typical viewership of close to 600,000 people in a 24 week period. They are also promoted through social media.

Continued support is provided for the Green School Programme, South Dublin County has 131 schools registered for this programme which has a theme specially dedicated to litter and waste. Support is provided on an ongoing bases to the green schools programme through talks, workshops, competitions etc in the 2015/2016 school year 27 schools in South Dublin County received a green flag.

The Social Credit’s Scheme (SCS) rewards community groups who improve their environment by carrying out pro-environmental actions such as community clean-ups. From January to July 2016 1,523 applications have been received and assistance provided through the scheme.The following materials are available throughout the county, in the two Council offices and a number of community centres to successful applicants: litter pickers, bags, hi-vis vests, shovels and brushes. Groups who avail of the supports are requested to return the materials following their clean up so that other groups may avail of them. More recently paint, paint brushes and native/pollinator seeds have been added to materials provided.

Some other proactive initiatives carried out include the National Spring Clean, the PURE project, the Anti-Litter & Anti-Graffiti awareness grants, WEEE collection days and Eco -Week

The council continues to examine all options available to it to improve the aesthetic appearance of the county and continues to update members on the Litter Management Plan Annual Action Plans.

As always the public is encouraged to work with the Council in helping to identify culprits who engage in illegal dumping and to report any incidents observed.

Reports of littering and illegal dumping can be made on the Council’s Litter Warden hotline on 01 4149220 and on the Environmental Protection Agency’s anti-dumping hotline on 1850 365 121.