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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

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Thursday, September 22, 2016


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

To ask for a report into my previous agreed Motion that put members Reps on hold for TDs and Senators how long was this done for and how many Members Reps where dealt with in this time? To also ask that Senators are taken of the Members Reps system permanently and was the suspension useful?


At the May Organisation, Procedure and Finance committee meeting we informed the Members that “every effort would be made to clear all outstanding Councillor Members Reps as quickly as possible.”

The period from May to August has been analysed and it shows:-

– overall increase in the number of Members reps logged in comparison to the previous 4 months January to April.

– overall average number of days elapsed for outstanding Members Reps has decreased.

As the May to August Statistics incorporate the main holiday periods within the organisation this would have an influence on the performance figures.

Statutory Instrument S.I. No. 274/2003 specifies:

  1. It shall be an objective of a local authority that systems, procedures and time frames equivalent to those used by it in relation to correspondence from local authority members also apply in respect of parliamentary representatives. 
  2. (1) It shall be an objective of a local authority to seek to deal with requests for access to information by a parliamentary representative as expeditiously as may be and in accordance with a proper level of customer service.

(2) Where a local authority provides access to information by its members by way of internet or other electronic media it shall notify a relevant representative of the nature of the information which is available and the means of access. 

  1. (1) Nothing in these regulations shall be read as implying that a lesser level of customer service is to apply as regards the dealings of a local authority with its members or any other person