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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

“That the Chief Executive present a report for discussion on the outstanding and additional landscaping works that are required along the N7 including additional trees at Newlands Rd, additional landscaping at Newlands Cross and agreed landscaping at Boot Rd/Rockfield Drive and St Johns Drive; and to provide details of works agreed and costings”.


“the following is an update on landscaping works arising from the Newlands Cross Upgrade Scheme

(A) Rockfield Park/ Boot Road

A meeting took place on site with the Boot Road Residents Association/Rockfield Park Residents and Deputy Eoin O’Broin on 16 May 2016 and the following was agreed

“It was agreed that some planting as per the NRA plans had been done, but there was no evidence on this date that ALL planting as per the plans were actually planted. As per Michael Hannon’s professional opinion, some of what was planned is not entirely suitable for this area. With that being said the following plan was proposed;

1) The council are to contact the NRA to re-grade some of the grass area’s on both ends of the fence, road side.

2) Beginning at the Aldi end of the fence: the saplings planted are to come up. The terrain is to be regraded, i.e. rotated, level and new grass seed to be planted as far as the first big tree.

3) Green ivy is to be planted along the whole fence- to disguise it and create greenery for the whole year.

4) Ad-hoc trees protruding from the rest are to be removed to allow a wide corridor of grass to allow the tractor to cut the grass as close to the trees as is possible.

5) A number (To be confirmed) of Pines and Holly are to be added along the whole stretch close to the fencing, along with some wild garlic, bluebells, snow drops and some Rosemary.

6) A 3 feet wide, 3 feet in from the black path, row of daffodils are to be planted along the stretch of grass parallel to the fencing (houses side of the black path)

7) On the opposite side of the road, Veronica Guerin side, it was agreed that the fence be removed.

8) This area is also to be regraded to level it off to allow a tractor to cut the grass – a kerb maybe needed to be but in along this stretch.

9) The mature Poplar tree may need to come out”.

(B) Newlands Cross

Arrangements are being made to undertake the agreed landscaping proposals in the triangular area at Newlands Cross Junction in conjunction with Clondalkin Tidy Towns Committee.

(C) Properties on Newlands Road

The Council is satisfied that landscaping to the rear of properties on Newlands Road was properly planned and executed and especially when taken in combination with the additional mitigating measures already implemented and no further measures are necessary or will be provided in this area.

Finally, landscaping works as described above are time related. Arrangements are currently being made to have these works undertaken in Oct/Nov 2016 in line with the most optimum planting period.

The estimated cost of undertaking (A) and (B) above is €35,000