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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

Official Announcement of intention to run for election

I am intending to run as an Independent candidate in the local elections in 2014. I am very interested and concerned about Local Issues. I live in Cherrywood, Clondalkin with my partner.

Previously, I was a committee member on Clonburris Youth Club, Clondalkin Community Council and PRO (Peamount Parents and Friends). I was also previously involved with Clondalkin drama group.

As an Independent I would be a voice for the ordinary people of Clondalkin not limited by any Political Party agenda. Having worked with Disabilities, Homeless and Probation services I have over twenty years’ experience in dealing with issues that affect families and communities. As a teacher I gave advice and knowledge to students looking after elderly people.

Currently I am chairman of the Dublin West ‘Brendan Kenna’ MS Ireland Branch. My professional memberships include: Inclusion Ireland, Amnesty International and Alzheimer Society of Ireland. I have REAL and practical experience in real situations.

I am committed to Human rights and I see each person as an individual regardless of Age, Race, Sexual Orientation, Colour, Religious Beliefs, Marital Status or Gender. I believe every person is entitled to Equality and Inclusion. Let us work together to promote equality and inclusion for everyone in Clondalkin.

I am aware of the great many community groups that work under increased budgetary and staffing pressures and yet provide excellent services to many varied groups of people. These include people with disabilities, people who are homeless, people with addictions, people who are older etc. These Community groups must be supported and encouraged even though we face increased budget pressures. We must, at all times, ensure that we put people first. A real community includes everyone. Everyone has a role to play and a job to do.

Among the main struggles we face over the next few years will be increased bin charges and the upcoming water and property taxes. People continue to struggle to pay mortgage/rent and bills. The very real issues of: public transport, parking, planning and crime etc. provide huge challenges ahead. We need a strong Independent voice to speak out and campaign for these issues at council level. Some of the main areas, (in conjunction with local and national issues), that I intend to focus on are:

  • Mental Health and Well-being-promote full mental health and well-being.
  • Disabilities– a voice for people with disabilities in Clondalkin.
  • Inclusion-work towards a Clondalkin where everyone feels included
  • Enterprise-promote and encourage employment for Clondalkin.
  • Community -help and create a community where all people feel safe, respected and valued.

I am aware of a huge apathy towards politicians and political parties. We have been let down by many politicians and parties who promised much to get elected but failed to deliver. I want to be an Independent Voice that is not affiliated or bound to any political party. I will not make pre-election promises that I do not intend to keep. I will not lie to people about what I can deliver. I will be a voice that can be trusted to do the best for the Clondalkin area. We need to send out a clear message to main parties that Clondalkin deserves and demands the best.

The American poet Richard Armour says that “Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong”. Let us together send out a strong signal that this is no longer acceptable, Politics should be about what’s right! It should be about community it should be about you and me! Remember if you don’t vote for change you get the same, if you don’t vote at all you get what someone else wants. So vote for change – vote for an Independent voice. 2014 – The journey starts here.

To contact me E-mail: francistimmons@gmail.com or Follow me on facebook @ Francis Timmons – Independent Voice or ring me on Ph: 087 286 9315.

(The Clondalkin area includes Clondalkin,  Newcastle and Rathcoole )