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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

Irish Water & SDCC


Thursday, January 21, 2016


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

To ask what money is owed by Irish Water to SDCC and what work SDCC has carried out for Irish Water?


The Water Services (No.2) Bill 2013 permitted Irish Water to enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with South Dublin County Council, to provide certain services to Irish Water with respect to the Water Services Functions.

As part of the SLA, Irish Water and South Dublin County Council conclude an Annual Service Plan (ASP) for the provision of water services in the forthcoming year.

In line with the provisions of the SLA / ASP, Irish Water recoup to South Dublin County Council all costs which are incurred. Typically these costs relate to operational and capital expenditure along the following lines:
•Payroll – Salaries and Wages for agreed headcount (SDCC staff) engaged in the delivery of the SLA at local level.
•Goods and services procured in the delivery of water and waste water services eg materials, contractor costs, plant hire etc which are not procured directly through Irish Water. This amounts for a small % of previous water services budget.
•Central Management Charges eg accommodation costs, financial, legal, IT services.

This council is providing the following services on behalf of Irish Water:
•Taking in Charge – preparation of condition report on assets to be taken in charge
•Drinking Water Supply – provide sampling and analysis, incident management
•Water Distribution Network Management – Maintain water distribution network – Detect and repair leaks – all infrastructure incl pumping stations / reservoirs etc.
•Waste Water – maintain waste water infrastructure – provide for Wastewater Discharge Authorisations – provide regulatory waste water incident reports
•Capital Programme – Manage the progression of contracts and delivery of projects
•EPA – report and participate in audits, in compliance with the requirements of the EPA
•Non Domestic Billing – generate bills for quarterly charges and issue bills to non-domestic customers – manage payments and debt collection process until transfer to Irish Water in accordance with existing debt policies;
•Customer Support – maintain customer contact in relation to all services
•Management of New Connections for Water and Waste Water

The 2016 projected income (as included in the 2016 Revenue Budget approved by this Council in November 2015) is €8.3m