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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

Racism Stickers


Wednesday, April 20, 2016


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

“To ask the Chief Executive for a report as to why the agreed action from Motion 2 from March 16 area meeting that said  ”the proposal including the stickers will be considered at the next Clondalkin Local Policing Forum on 24th March 2016” did not happen and how the issue of the stickers will be addressed?”


The Clondalkin LPF Coordinator has clarified that the proposal to issue stickers is a local issue for the Bawnogue area of Clondalkin. The proposal regarding stickers had not been raised at any of the four Local Policing Forums and has not been raised at the North Clondalkin Community Safety Forum.

At the Clondalkin LPF Meeting held on the 24th March a member of the South West Clondalkin Community Safety Forum presented the Community Safety Forum report, which is a standing item on the agenda. The report included a section on the Anti Racism sticker campaign:

“Anti-racism sticker campaign in the 4 CSF areas; this has been in development for some time but has halted since January 2016 due to lack of resources to cover the sticker print run. We continue to explore ways that this initiative can get some support.”

In the discussion that followed, it was minuted in relation to the Anti-racism sticker campaign: this initiative was explained in the context of a response to racist incidents in the Bawnogue area. It was further explained that the Social Inclusion Unit in the Council had recently run events as part of the European Week Against Racism, including an event for a competition for a design for stickers, as previously reported to the Area Committee. The winning design was made into a sticker and a significant order was placed for the supply of these stickers. They were circulated widely to all schools in the County and more generally to the wider community. Only a small number had been kept for an event this week even though there was a request from a number of members of the LPF for more stickers.

The LPF noted that there is a problem of under reporting of incidents and the Garda Síochána informed the meeting of regular meetings held with the Intercultural Centre, the Towers and the Muslim community.