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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

recycling banks


Monday, September 26, 2016


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

To ask for an update on the Bye – Laws in regard to recycling banks, has it been changed and to report where this is at?



The Environment, Public Realm and Climate Change SPC through the course of 2015 examined the Council’s recycling strategy and this led to a revised strategy document being agreed by the SPC in February 2016.  The new strategy covers the period 2016 to 2021 and has an objective of increasing the number of bring bank sites in South Dublin County from 70 to 120 over it’s lifetime.  The previous strategy included a provision that no bring bank sites would be established within 50 metres of the nearest dwelling and this has over recent years frustrated any attempts to identify potential new sites.  The new strategy has modified this as follows.  Where a site is identified and considered to be suitable in all other aspects but does not meet the 50 metres distance requirement, then the owners of any dwellings or premises that fall within 50 metres of the site will be consulted on the matter before the Council proceed to develop the site.  This now enables the Council to re-examine sites which were previously considered but ruled out as  they did not meet the distance requirement. It is proposed that reports will be presented to the Council area committees in October and November to advise the elected members with regard to potential sites in their areas which are deemed suitable and are being proposed for development as bring bank sites.  It is hoped that the issue of land ownership can be addressed at an early stage in the process.  Where the proposed site belongs to the Council then there is no issue, however where the proposed site is privately owned it will be necessary to have the agreement of the land owner if the site is to be considered for development as a bring bank site.