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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

Statement on Budget 2011- Part 1

Statement on Budget 2011- Part 1

I accept that cutbacks have to be made. I am very aware that Fianna Fail and the Green Party allowed us get into this economic mess we are in. It happened on their watch. They allowed Bankers and Builders and big businessmen to conduct themselves in an atrocious manner. They gave away a lot of our Sovereignty. I also see that Labour and Fine Gael are continuing the path laid by this Disastrous last government. They have choices but they seem committed to following on a path that will continue to hurt and effect the most vulnerable.

This Budget is aimed at poorer people. Disability, Elderly, Young Children, Social welfare entitlements, education etc. These are the people hit. Drug services, community services etc. will be affected by cuts in CE schemes and other funding. 2% cut in Disability and mental health funding will cause disruption to services. My view is it will keep people with disabilities in the welfare and care system. The cuts speak for themselves.

A fair budget would have taxed the high earners, Cut TD’s wages and expenses, cut top civil servants wages and expenses and went after the scandalous pay off to ex Politicians and civil servants. It would have not allowed payments to special advisors go over a capped limit. It would cut government travel. It would tax artists that are tax free. It would have an immediate referendum on the abolishment of the Seanad. It would challenge the Croke Park agreement for higher paid.

It would not have focussed on the most vulnerable in society. It would not further cause a divide between a society where the poor are getting poorer and poorer and the rich are getting richer.