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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice


I recommend you , great councillor always relply to my messages and do the best you can and always out there helping people no matter what the problem

Tina Saunders - Clondalkin Resident
You have my recommendation. You do so much for Clondalkin and the people in it. You have my vote

Linda Walsh McMahon - Clondalkin Resident
I recommend you Francis for being so engaged with local issues. You actively get involved unlike some other representatives who just say they attended x or y event. Your are always there to give advice, you are very personable and a pleasure to deal with.

Joan Murphy - Clondalkin Resident
You definitely have my recommendation tireless worker for Clondalkin and surrounding areas no I in my books

Lill Davis Greenan - Clondalkin Resident

Happy to recommend Francis - the rare breed of politician that actually does what he says when he says it, and actually cares about the community he serves. Always contactable and gets involved. A breath of fresh air in Irish Politics.

Donna King - Newcastle Resident
I would definitely recommend Francis Timmons. He is a very hard working counsellor. He has always responded to any queries I have raised with him. He spends most of his free time working with, and helping local groups. He has overcome many challenges and has great empathy for all sections of the community.

Ann McEwan - Clondalkin Resident
An excellent and very active county councillor and peace commissioner whom I've always had great contact with. Has always helped me with any local issues and always making Christmas special for all the local clubs. An advocate for Clondalkin and it's people all year round and not just at election time. Active, passionate and dedicated - no better person for such an important job.we are very lucky to have him in this role! Thank you.

Laura Pisani - Clondalkin Resident
you always do the the best you can and more thank you for all you do

Carmel Brooks - Clondalkin Resident
i recommend you as you always do a lot for the community and always get back to people and help them if you can 100%

Adeline Morgan - Clondalkin Resident
You have my recommendation Francis Timmons anything I asked you to sort for me u did straight away.

Geraldine Rowan - Clondalkin Resident