This year marks 75 years since the landmark of its time scheme for Mothers and Child scheme led by Dr Noel Browne , It proposed to introduce Healthcare free to under 16 and deal with the alarming mortality rate of the time, The scheme was blasted at the time as being to Liberal and Browne was even summons to the Archbishop’s House. It was unthinkable in Mc Quaid’s Ireland who saw it as an upfront to Catholic moral teaching, It was seen as interference in the family Unit.  

Browne was with Clann na Poblachta at the time.  Browns party leader Sean MacBride demanded Browne’s resignation as a minister and Browne resigned to the than  Taoiseach John A. Costello for submission to President O’Kelly. Soon after a General Election was called. Fianna Fail eventually introduced some of the scheme all be it watered down in 1951 following the General Election of that year. Brown Left Clann na Poblachta and over the years was in Fianna Fáil , the National Progressive Democrats , the Labour Party and the Socialist Labour Party 

I am convinced that if the TDs of the time had fully accepted and stood up for the for Mother and Child scheme that so many wouldn’t of suffered so much and many lives could have been saved. Perhaps the institutions wouldn’t of had so much control over so many and the church wouldn’t have had so much control over so many.

It wasn’t until 1973 that an Unmarried Mother’s Allowance was introduced but society continued to stigmatize single parents upto the 1990s when the last of the old institutions shut.

Even in 2024 the Catholic Church still retain much control through the ownership of some hospitals and a large number of schools, 

South Dublin installed a Memorial Stone outside Peamount Hospital in memory of the Socialist who fought the battle against TB and Peamount was one of many places that helped in the fight.

, Dr Browne was the most forward radical of his time and his Legacy still lives on!