Cllr Timmons says “I am not supportive of the proposal as part of the Local Area Plan to just allow buses around all Clondalkin village while cars would only be able to access car parks etc! Its only proposals but at this stage i dont see this as a viable plan – looking forward to productive ideas moving forward!” 

Cllr Timmons says ” i need to clarify that the overall plan is not done up yet! – councillors will have input when the plan is done up! But a vote wont take place to June 2025 as theres a lot of work to be done on it! – the Local area plan covers many other issues as well as traffic! – at this stage its important to gather as many ideas as possible – everything is an idea at this stage! – I would ask as many as possible to fill the survey in at

Cllr Timmons says ” I worked with a group of people to draw up a vision for Clondalkin document that has manu suggestions for Clondalkin , im happy to email this document that was generally supported by the 7 local councillors to any resident, the local area plan offers a chance to discuss many issues around Clondalkin Village! I am also offering to meet any resident and discuss idea”  

Cllr Timmons says ”I Spoke to planning in SDCC and was informed Following the concerns expressed at last Wednesday’s workshop in particular, SDCC will go out again to the public with more options for consideration before we publish a draft plan.  The timelines for that next (3rd) round of pre-draft public consultation will have to be decided and will depend in part on the feedback they get from the surveys and the amount of work required to prepare.”