”In 1973 My Mammy Mary said I was being neglected and my body was covered in scabs. I had scabs on both arms. She was very upset and said I was not being looked after in Madonna House. This was recorded in August 1973 just after I had been used as part of the Vaccine Trials which she obviously didn’t know about as she was horrified by the scabs. Also I am noted as wetting and soiling a lot and not being toilet trained. Records of the time also note me as pathetic and pale looking and withdrawn and not mixing well with the other children and I spent a lot of time crying. My Mammy was very concerned that Madonna House where not looking after me and she begged for information. She was asking questions but not getting any answers. She didn’t want me left in Madonna House, she was very concerned that I wasn’t been looked after and she had concerns for my welfare.”